2019 Design Forecast: What’s In, Wha…

December 18, 2018 Real Estate Tips
As we flip to the last pages of our 2018 calendar, it’s time to look at interior design trends on the rise - and say goodbye to those on their way out in 2019. Here are our predictions about what’s in and what’s out in the year to come. What’s in Warm modernism It’s official - many regions throughout the U.S. are choosing a modern aesthetic over a rustic style. While black-and-white contrast and raw materials like steel and wood will continue to be popular, they&[…]

Hibernate Luxuriously in This 5,572-Square…

November 30, 2018 Real Estate Tips
When most people envision their dream home, they describe large kitchens, beautiful hardwood floors and clawfoot tubs. But not John Hay. In the mid-1980s, Hay - founder of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company and great-great grandson of U.S. Secretary of State John Milton Hay - purchased the Beckham Creek Cave in Parthenon, Arkansas. He had plans to transform it into a 10,000-square-foot bomb shelter, consisting of cinder-block walls, plywood flooring, 11 coats of clear epoxy on the natural f[…]

How to Move Cross-Country: See How These R…

November 29, 2018 Real Estate Tips
When former New Yorkers Erica Warren and Cici Harrison drove across the country and settled in the Pacific Northwest, they had a list of criteria for their new rental. They’d need a parking space, a home office so Erica could work remotely and, of course, a yard so they could adopt a dog. And this rental couldn’t be too splashy, because a cross-country move is expensive enough. All of this complicated their search in Portland’s tough rental market. Luckily the couple were ab[…]

The Popsicle Place Program in Seattle Help…

November 6, 2018 Real Estate Tips
It's tough to afford housing in many cities across the U.S., but in Seattle, it's a particularly competitive market. Living in an urban area with such a high cost of living can break a family when emergencies arise, but luckily for the people of Seattle, Mary's Place has been relieving housing burdens since 1999. Initially established as a women's day center, Mary's Place has evolved and expanded into a housing facility. It now provides a warm bed for 680 family members every night of the yea[…]

This Home Looks Like a Barn (But Has Enoug…

October 30, 2018 Real Estate Tips
Like many married couples, the Clarks have a lot in common: a last name, a first name (they're both Kelly) and an affinity for wide-open spaces - which inspired them to build a 10,000-square-foot barn-style home on 30 acres of land in West Monroe, Louisiana.  But let's back up. Kelly Clark (that's him) and Kelly Moore-Clark (that's her) wanted a change of scenery for their family. So when a friend put some land up for sale, they decided to make a move. "We pretty much bought the property sigh[…]

A Park Slope Townhome That Went From &#821…

October 30, 2018 Real Estate Tips
Very few would have considered purchasing a crumbling and decrepit 1890 Victorian townhome. But Lindsey Branca and her partner (both in business and in life), Mike Grosshandler, saw what most didn’t: opportunity. After a sweeping renovation that included collapsing plaster and a complete layout change, this townhome - located in trendy Park Slope, Brooklyn - went from a deteriorated state to downright stately. “When we purchased the home, we were on the hunt for a ‘mess̵[…]

Small-Town Charm: 8 Homes for Sale in Less…

October 22, 2018 Real Estate Tips
There’s just something special about a small town. Less traffic, no noise pollution and friendly neighbors can all make for an idyllic escape from the grit of the city. Some of these small towns may be hours from the nearest Amazon Locker or Whole Foods, but what they lack in big-city amenities, they make up for in big-time charm. Here are eight homes for sale in some of the best small towns in America. Stately in South Carolina For sale: $668,000 Nothing could be sweeter than this stat[…]

The Michelle Chase Real Estate Team In Apo…

October 22, 2018 My Blog
Hank is a multi-generation Floridan whose grandparents moved to Florida nearly a hundred years ago. Due to his father’s career in the military, he has lived in many places across America and the world. In his adult life, he is a retired higher education administrator with a career spanning more than 30 years. He has worked extensively in community colleges, including being Chancellor and President of two different colleges. He also has a background in financial and strategic panning, real est[…]

Your Top 5 Fireplace Questions, Answered

October 16, 2018 Real Estate Tips
Fireplaces are one of the most sought-after home features, but using one can be intimidating, and you've probably got questions. Here's a quick guide to get you and your fire started this fall. How do I use a wood-burning fireplace? If a cave man can start a fire, so can you. 1. Get your chimney inspected Safety is your first priority! Have your fireplace and chimney inspected by a licensed professional. This is something you should do every year, before the first fire of the season. 2. Prepa[…]

9 Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness

October 15, 2018 Real Estate Tips
As fall continues and the days become shorter, it's too tempting to just hibernate until spring. But there is, indeed, joy to be found in the quieter months of the year. Perhaps it's a bit overdone to talk about the art of hygge, that untranslatable Danish word that references the feeling of being ultra-cozy and content. The thing is, the Danes know how to thrive in winter. You might already know they're the happiest people on earth, but did you know a lot of them attribute their unseasonably[…]