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January 29, 2019 Local Pros
Location: Apopka, FL Phone: (407) 268-6718 Website: michellechaserealtor.com Michelle Chase is a local realtor and certified staging agent with Home Wise Realty that knows what buyers are looking for. Staging your home involves creating an inviting space that house hunters can envision themselves living in and can also help to facilitate a speedy sale for top dollar.

This Historic Connecticut Home Once Hosted…

January 28, 2019 Real Estate Tips
Built in 1680 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this center hall Colonial home in Old Lyme, Connecticut, is not only a living testament to early American architecture - it's also got a storied past of its own. The home once served as a storefront during the Revolutionary War and was largely used as the Peck Tavern throughout the second half of the 18th century and early part of the 19th century. It's even rumored that George Washington stopped by to dance in the former b[…]

Cleaning Limestone Surfaces

January 22, 2019 Home & Garden
Limestone surfaces are a popular choice for renovations and improvements providing the luxurious expensive look of marble but an a more affordable old-world price. Most limestone is usually white or off-white in color with unique and naturally occurring patterns throughout the stone.  Beautiful as they are, they come with a downside that they require more care than other stone types, such as granite. This is because compositionally, limestone is more porous and sensitive to acids attack.[…]

Should You Have A Real Estate Agent When B…

January 22, 2019 Real Estate Tips
If you’re looking to purchase a new home, then you may have considered partnering with a licensed real estate agent. You’re not among the few, considering 88 percent of homebuyers enlist the assistance of an Apopka Realtor. Most builders and buyers find it the best decision to deal with a real estate agent to make the process easier. In fact, it’s typically expected that a buyer have an agent before the purchase of any home. Purchasing A New Home Buyers who are looking to make a purchase on n[…]

Dreaming of Warmer Weather? These 7 Sunny …

January 15, 2019 Real Estate Tips
Whether you’re thinking about a permanent move for milder weather or going the seasonal snowbird route, here are eight affordable homes in the warmest cities in the country, all to inspire your search for warmth. A bright bungalow in Florida For sale: $299,900 This Spanish bungalow in West Palm Beach, Florida, has everything you need to escape the cold weather: a vibrant green yard, a brightly colored exterior and a back patio perfect for sipping on a beachy cocktail. If you ever happen[…]

The Nanny Check

January 12, 2019 Family
Your children are the most precious and important people in your life. You treasure them more than life itself. So, when it’s time to hire a nanny or babysitter, how do you decide who will protect your child as much as you do? Access Investigative Services has the answers.  Vetting your child’s nanny is one of our specialties. We’ve all heard horror stories about children found wandering the streets unattended because the babysitter fell asleep.  Or, kids were harmed or neglect[…]

Explore a Tiny Tropical Treehouse in Hawaii

January 7, 2019 Real Estate Tips
No one ever complains about Hawaii. That's one reason why Kristie Wolfe bought a piece of land there sight unseen. She went from spotting the overgrown, verdant lot on Craigslist to chatting with the owner to buying a plane ticket to clear the underbrush for building - all in the span of just two days. "It could've gone a lot of awful ways, but I didn't see it until I had flown here to start building," Wolfe said. "I had never been to Hawaii, and I knew I wanted to build a treehouse, so I was[…]

Get the Look: 3 Ideas for Turning Your Hom…

January 6, 2019 Real Estate Tips
What better time to turn your home into a warm and welcoming den than during the chilly winter months? With just a little investment and some ingenuity, you can bring a distinctive winter-friendly look into your home. Here are three concepts to inspire you - and some tips to get you started. Look 1: The British study The vibe This look is a perfect fit for a snowy winter day. Filled with shelves of leather-bound tomes, tufted chesterfield sofas and focused lighting from brass sconces, the stu[…]

Why You Should Consider Buying Over Renting

January 4, 2019 Real Estate Tips
There are a lot of situations in which renting might be the best option for you and your family. Renting can be great if you are unsure you want to settle down in a particular area or you enjoy relinquishing the responsibility of maintenance. However, if you have the opportunity to consider buying and owning a home, it could yield many benefits for your future! Read More Real Estate Tips Here: https://michellechaserealtor.com/ The post Why You Should Consider Buying Over Renting appeared firs[…]

The Michelle Chase Realty Team

December 21, 2018 My Blog
Apopka Realtor – The Right Choice When Selling Your Home When you are ready to sell you home, it’s important that you find a reliable Apopka Realtor that will help you get the job done as simply as possible. So how do you know that you’re partnering with the right realtor and not wasting your time? Real estate can be a long, drawn out, and boring process if you don’t find the right realtor. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your realtor search so you can make your experience as[…]