Month: February 2017

Benefits of Mobile Payments for Your Business

February 23, 2017 Financial Savings Tips
In the world of business and retail, the advancements in technology devices are making the act of business transactions more efficient and accessible for customers and business owners. The advent of mobile device payment options have come into the forefront of retail sales procedures in a big way this decade. This allows customers to pay on the go with a smartphone, tablet, apple or android device. When devices are linked with the correct applications and accounts, this makes online mobile pa[…]

Fight Inflammation Naturally

February 22, 2017 Health & Fitness
Inflammation of the body can occur in many regions internally, and in more external muscular regions for a number of reasons. From headaches to joint injuries, to inflammation, to internal organs, people around the world of all different ages most likely will experience some form of inflammation in their lifetime. Chronic inflammation can be particularly detrimental to overall health, as it can lead to serious diseases such as cancer, as well as long term conditions like obesity and arthritis[…]

How To Maintain Motivation For Your Health Goals

February 6, 2017 Health & Fitness
Fad diets and fitness programs are called ‘fads’ for a reason. People jump on board with the latest trends, go 150% full out in the first week, then realize that the intensity, demands or obligations are not sustainable. This is where many people ditch their drive for that healthy, fit body that they want, and go back to old ways. For a great deal of the population, this can happen multiple times a year, and lead to feeling exasperated with not getting anywhere. Sometime it is a case of the h[…]