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Benefits of Mobile Payments for Your Business

In the world of business and retail, the advancements in technology devices are making the act of business transactions more efficient and accessible for customers and business owners. The advent of mobile device payment options have come into the forefront of retail sales procedures in a big way this decade. This allows customers to pay on the go with a smartphone, tablet, apple or android device. When devices are linked with the correct applications and accounts, this makes online mobile payments a breeze. For businesses deciding whether to utilised this form of payment, here are a few of the advantages of the use of this technology.

– Safe and secure: Your customers data for their accounts and cards will remain safe with special encryption during the transaction.

– Inventory: Upload pictures, add descriptions and access your inventory data quick and easy on a mobile device.

– Sales history: You can view and manage sales history in an easy, effective manner when people use online devices. You wont have to wait to settle totals as when it comes to the past electronic transaction process of Eftpos.


The real benefits of utilising new methods of mobile payment devices lie beyond just these examples – it’s all about the efficiency and ease of the purchasing experience for customers. When your business boasts the use of these innovative technologies, your company is seen as a reputable, modern and innovative business which will draw even more customers to your retail products or services. There are many devices out there for you to choose from, and you can find a great selection of the range online, as well as expert advice and tips for which device is right for you.

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Fight Inflammation Naturally

Inflammation of the body can occur in many regions internally, and in more external muscular regions for a number of reasons. From headaches to joint injuries, to inflammation, to internal organs, people around the world of all different ages most likely will experience some form of inflammation in their lifetime. Chronic inflammation can be particularly detrimental to overall health, as it can lead to serious diseases such as cancer, as well as long term conditions like obesity and arthritis.


There are a range of different treatment options and medicines available, which target and fight inflammation, with anti-inflammatory medication being one of the most consumed medicines on a long term basis by many people. There are also natural remedies and techniques, which assist in quelling inflammation. Regular exercise is one particular alternative treatment proposed to be a great way to fight inflammation in the body.


Research indicates that just short, moderate intense exercise on a regular basis (such as 20 minutes of brisk walking), can produce an anti-inflammatory response in immune cells of the body. The results of one particular study revealed that the immune cells of the body during physical exertion have such a response that they suppress the inflammatory makers. It is suggested that this is due to hormones being released in the body during exercise, which may trigger this effect.


For people looking for other modes of treating or preventing inflammation, it can be very beneficial to take part in regular, physical activity. Always consult a health expert before beginning a new exercise regime, to ensure that you are giving your body the best to support your wellbeing.


If you’re looking for a more natural and effective treatment, talk to a local chiropractor. They can help you with much more than back pain! They can build you a nutrition and physical activity plan that gets to the source of your inflammation rather than pushing the pain off till another time.

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Health & Fitness

How To Maintain Motivation For Your Health Goals

Fad diets and fitness programs are called ‘fads’ for a reason. People jump on board with the latest trends, go 150% full out in the first week, then realize that the intensity, demands or obligations are not sustainable. This is where many people ditch their drive for that healthy, fit body that they want, and go back to old ways. For a great deal of the population, this can happen multiple times a year, and lead to feeling exasperated with not getting anywhere. Sometime it is a case of the health program not fitting with your own lifestyle, or sometimes it is lack of knowledge and resources in how to support yourself and the changes. A lot of the time it is about motivation, and just running out of steam and drive to continue on. Here we offer 3 tips on how to maintain motivation.


Why And How

Write out your goal and reasons why you are embracing on these changes. It is not enough to have a loose idea about ‘getting healthy’ – the more you make a solid goal (weight loss, fitness goals of strength or running distance), the more clear your vision of what you’re working towards. A great way to help you stick to this goal is to ask yourself WHY you want to make the changes. This will be the reason you come back to when results plummet, or dedication waivers.


Try Something New

If your workout regime first started off with inspiration, but is now becoming a familiar begrudging routine, then change it up! There’s nothing like a new fitness class, circuit, or workout style to inspire you to stay on track. Not only are new fitness regimes motivation boosters, but trying out new recipes or health foods is also an excellent way to keep your motivation alive.


Keep Yourself Accountable

How much more likely are you to hit snooze on your alarm when you know that you’re meeting your friend for your workout? Making dates with friends who are also looking to get fit or healthy is an effective way to keep on track. Similarly, when it comes to healthy eating, you should voice to friends and family your changes. This gives you more leverage to stick to your word when spoken aloud.


For more help on how to live a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated, talk to Lerner Chiropractic. They can help you learn effective and easy methods to reach your goals.

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