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Why Restoring Your Marble Is A Must


Your marble enhances the character and the overall beauty of your home or commercial location. Inherently, it warrants special consideration and specific treatment to help it look its absolute best. And sometimes it needs even more consideration than usual. For example, do you have marble tiles or marble countertops? Do they have an elegant shine or a standout color? Are there some huge scratches, etches, or stains? Do you have a high tile corner or new tiles that don’t match the polish of the rest?


Well, all of those complications can be fixed with marble restoration services. Any job big or small is important to take care of for your household or business needs. Thus, you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional and experienced stone care company like Marblelife. Marblelife has been servicing thousands of homes and commercial locations for more than 15 years in the San Diego area.


So let’s take a brief look at how Marblelife can help you with your marble restoration needs.


Restoring Your Marble’s Finish


If you’ve cleaned and scrubbed and cleaned even more but your marble still doesn’t have a nice shine, then this is the solution for you. With the professional tools and materials, Marblelife’s trained craftsmen can bring back your shine, color and original finish to make it appear brand new. Additionally, if you’re looking to modify your marble to a polished/gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish, then Marblelife can help you with that as well. Your marble will be looking just as you need it to.


Grinding Your Marble


You’ll need to grind your marble flooring if your tile is unevenly set or if you want to flatten the tile to the grout lines for simpler cleaning. The ground is leveled and shaped to fit your desires and is then finished off with a superior polish. Say goodbye to high tile corners and other large blemishes that have been preventing your marble from reaching its full beauty potential.


Marble Honing


This is a different task from finishing your marble and grinding your marble. This task exists to eradicate unintended patterns, scratches, etches or spots that have popped up in your marble. Moreover, your marble will be repaired and polished to absolute excellence. If you choose to hone your marble, a trained professional won’t be done with the job until your surface is looking to your satisfaction.


Whichever portion of marble restoration is critical for you and your marble necessities, you’ll be satisfied with the final product. Your marble adds something extra special to your location, so why not treat it to some extra special maintenance?


If marble restoration seems like something you’re interested in and need for your home or commercial building, then you’ll want to start by getting in contact with Marblelife in San Diego. You can call Marblelife for your free consultation at (888) 218-4616. Or visit their website for further material about their provided services. Don’t just partner with any stone care company, sign up with the stone care company that is popular for its experience and quality results.


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Home Construction & Renovation Tips

What Else Can You Do to Prepare for a Natural Disaster?

Natural disasters unfortunately cannot be controlled once in motion, but what you can take control of is your safety when these disasters arise. For the most cautionary results, you’ll of course want to prepare far before these bodies appear on the radar.


Aside from knowing what to do in case of emergency, you should probably prepare by securing you’re greatest investment. No, it’s not your treasured collection of baseball cards. It’s most likely your biggest investment: your home. There are multiple ways to protect you and your home, such as making an emergency kit, boarding your windows, trimming large trees, and having a safe space.


However there’s one thing that most people don’t really consider and it’s ensuring their house is anchored and structured up to code. When choosing your home or commercial building, did you ask about how the structure met local building codes? If you did, that’s great. If not, then you may want to check on that. And if you’re still in the process of building, even better!


If it turns out your structure isn’t (won’t be) as stable as you thought, plus you live in an area with a history of natural disasters then you might want to get in contact with Advanced Structural Connectors. Why, exactly?


Simpson Strong-Tie Products


Simpson Strong-Tie has been manufacturing their products for over 50 years and leading the industry in structural systems innovation, research, and testing. Advanced Structural Connectors has been a Simpson Strong Tie distributor for more than 20 years out of the central Florida area. There’s a reason Simpson-Strong Tie is one of the biggest structural building product suppliers in the world.


Quality vs. Quantity


A local family business, ASC believes in quality over quantity. That’s why Simpson Strong-Tie is their choice in structural products. Simpson Strong-Tie focuses solely on hardware, structural connectors, and fasteners, giving them the time and ability to be specialized experts in their field.


Protect Your Home


Now, we’ve come back to protecting your home and safety. People often fall victim to natural disasters and become passive bystanders while everything they have is taken from them. This is a way you can be active so that an unexpected emergency doesn’t take everything you’ve worked for. You’ll want to invest in the best possible protection possible for ultimate security, and that’s Simpson Strong-Tie products. Don’t have your porch whisked away in a hurricane or your house is completely destroyed in an earthquake. Invest now, for a less stressful future.


So before natural disaster strikes and leaves you wishing you had prepared better, look into having the proper structural products installed. Choose a quality product from a trusted company, like Simpson Strong-Tie. This way you won’t be worried about any regret. Contact your local Simpson Strong-Tie Distributor, Advanced Structural Connectors, at (407) 831-7728. Or visit their website for a complete list of products and further details about the benefits of preparing your home with Simpson Strong-Tie products.

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Money Savings

Biweekly Mortgage Payments Can Help You Plan for Retirement


What are your retirement ambitions? Do you want to be unencumbered by debt and have more wealth; travel often; relish in your stress-free golden years in your totally paid off home? To live comfortably in retirement, you may no longer be able to rely only on Social Security. And company pension plans that pay a secure income for life are relatively nonexistent these days. That’s why, no matter your age, it’s important to strategize and start construction of a solid nest egg right now.


Figure out where you stand financially and if you’re on the correct path to fiscal security in retirement. Do you have IRAs, 401(k)s or other resources to liquidate in retirement? If not, start now with good planning and investing. Your remaining years at work are your last chance for putting away money in tax-advantaged retirement accounts and producing an emergency fund for unexpected expenditures.


Senior homeowners often fear that their income will decline when they retire while their mortgage payment lingers. But what if you no longer had a mortgage? One of the best routes just might be to pay off your home loan in advance, prior to retirement, then start saving the money that would have gone to the mortgage. If you start with enough years before retirement, you can do that by making a biweekly mortgage plan.


Instead of sticking with the old-style monthly premium, a biweekly mortgage plan can pay off with increased savings and financial stability in retirement. Biweekly mortgage payments can also work well for other varieties of sizeable debts, such as car loans or credit cards.


Here’s how it can be done: You pay half of your monthly mortgage payment biweekly. Meaning that you end up making 13 payments annually instead of twelve (52 weeks divided by two equals 26 periods), however you’re paying just marginally more with each payment. Withdrawals from your account biweekly fit easily with paychecks and your monthly budget, while an extra half-payment twice a year toward principal diminishes interest over the life of the loan — visit for all the details.


If you have a 30-year mortgage for $272,000 at 4.5%, this approach can save you more than $37,000 over the life of the loan. And you’ll retire your debt 53 months earlier!


Use the AutoPayPlus loan calculator as a blueprint for determining how much more money you’ll need to apply toward your debts with biweekly payments for the faster loan payoff you want. Recalculate and test out different scenarios to see how a biweekly mortgage payoff plan can help you eradicate debt earlier, build wealth and attain your goal of a golden, secure retirement.


Use biweekly mortgage payments to pay off your home loan faster and save more for the retirement you’ve always wanted by going to AutoPayPlus’ website at:


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